These guidelines govern the use of The Local Directory’s review service by companies and users. These guidelines are legally binding.

Throughout this document, the words “The Local Directory”, “us,” “we,” “our website”, “platform” “the website” or “services” refer to us, The Local Directory, our website, or our services made available through the same website. The words “you” and “your” refer to users and companies that make use of the services provided on our platform.


1.   Writing a Review

If you’ve recently shopped with a particular business, you may share your experience of the product, service or business on This includes orders you may have placed or purchases you may have made online or from one or more businesses in your local area.

For example, if you recently had a great haircut from your favourite local barbershop, you can spread the word about the barber’s skills by reviewing the barbershop on our website. Users searching on Google for hairdressing salons in that vicinity may stumble upon your review on our website.

Note that reviews will not be posted on our website until they have been manually reviewed by a moderator. This is to ensure that all reviews comply with our user guidelines as well as our terms and conditions. If your review is rejected for whatever reason, you will be notified by email.

Please note:

  • You must create a user profile using a valid email address and password to write a review.
  • You are only allowed to review your own personal shopping experience. You cannot review the shopping experience of a family member or friend.
  • We are committed to only publishing genuine reviews. Consequently, we may ask you to provide details of purchase such as a receipt or confirmation email before we publish your review. This is done in the interest of the entire community and for the protection of consumers who are relying on the user generated content on our site to guide them in their buying decision.
  • We are happy to accept photocopies or scanned documents by email as proof of purchase. You can also send a screenshot of the order page if you made the purchase online. This proof can be sent to
  • The review must be an honest and accurate account of your shopping experience with the company you are reviewing.
  • The shopping experience must have occurred within the last 12 months from the date on which you wrote the review.
  • You cannot create more than one profile on the website or review the same product, service of business from more than one user profile.
  • We publish all genuine reviews we receive: positive, negative or neutral.
  • You can only review products or services purchased from private companies. You cannot review public services or organisations.

2.   What to Write About

When reviewing a product, service or business, you are free to write about your experience with the company. You should be specific when writing a review. You can write about the customer service, the quality of the product or service, the ease of the ordering process and value for money.

  • You can review products, services and companies.
  • You can post images and videos in your reviews to help your reviews stand out. For example, if you are reviewing an amazing product that exceeded your expectations, you can post before and after pictures in your review.
  • If you have been incentivized in any way to write a review, you must to disclose that fact in your review.

3.   What Cannot Be Posted In Your Review

You are free to include different types of content such as images and videos in your review. However, you are not permitted to include any of the following in your reviews.

  • Any sort of text or image links to external websites.
  • Any type of content that violates our user guidelines or terms and conditions.
  • Personal information including names, email address, contact address, phone numbers or any information that can be used to personally identify any individual.

4.   When You Can Edit Your Review

You are free to edit your submitted review as often as you like any time after it has been posted. Note however, that every time you edit your review, it must be reviewed by a moderator before it can be posted on the website.

5     Removal of Reviews

We reserve the right to remove reviews that, in our view, are in violation of our user guidelines, terms and conditions or applicable laws. Examples of situations when we may remove a review include, but are not limited to:

  • The review is a fake or fabricated review. We have a zero tolerance policy towards fake reviews. If your review does not appear to be based on a genuine shopping experience and you are unable to prove the shopping experience actually happened, the review will not be published on our website.
  • The organisation you have reviewed is not a private company.
  • Your review contains offensive or inappropriate content.
  • Your user profile has been used to create reviews that have been identified as fake or fabricated.


6       Inviting Users to Submit Reviews

A company may encourage its users to review their experience on our website. When a company does so, it is required to follow the following rules:

6.1    The language used in any invitation sent to users must be neutral. It must not be couched in a way to influence what type of review is posted by the user.

6.2    If the company has offered an incentive to a particular user to write a review, this must be disclosed by the user in the review.

6.3    A company is not allowed to encourage its employees, owners or directors to post fabricated reviews about its company or its competitors.

 7       Reporting and Replying to Reviews

Companies have the option of replying to reviews about them on If a company chooses to reply to a review on the website, the company warrants that the reply:

  • Will not be immoral, defamatory, hateful, demeaning, intimidating, malicious, libellous, profane, sexist or inappropriate.
  • Will not violate applicable local or national laws.
  • Will comply with our user guidelines and terms and conditions.

Any replies that violate these guidelines will be removed with or without notice.

8       Fake or Fabricated Reviews

We will not accept fake or fabricated reviews under any circumstances, and any company that indirectly posts a fabricated review of its company, product or business is in violation of our terms and conditions. Any profile that has been established for the purpose of posting fake or fabricated reviews will be deleted without notice.

9       Reporting Reviews

If you discover a review that you believe genuinely violates our user guidelines, you may notify us of the review. Our User Guidelines will determine if and when we remove any user generated content.

10     Changes to Guidelines

We reserve the right to make changes to these guidelines at any time without notice. We will notify you of any such changes through our website. Your continued use of our website subsequent to these changes being made indicates your acceptance of them.